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сряда, 9 ноември 2011 г.

" Dirty Job "

This digital painting is based on a true story. 

The idea came  long time ago, but now is the right  time to become live. 

The place where I am working is a  packhouse. Actually, I'm in this industry for about five years and I am doing it because I need money for livin'. Unfortunately, this is not what I really want, but  someone will say - " That's life "... Isn't it funny?

I have always been drawing, painting in my life ... doing my art, expressing myself, explaining life  the way I see it and understand it. And this is what I've always wanted to do... to be in creative atmosphere ... other world...

With this picture I just wanted to explain how I feel. How painful is this for me to work in a place which is not "suitable" for me. Place which is making me feel I'm almost "dead"... 

This is it...

That's life.

понеделник, 17 октомври 2011 г.

неделя, 25 септември 2011 г.


Please feel free to "like" or just to have a look at it.

Portrait of an musician

This portrait was made for about 3-4 hours. This is  musician who is part of the Greatest Bulgarian rock band - D2. This band is a serious part of my life, because I've grown up with their music, behind their stage and I'm so proud that I had chance to be part of their history as a huge fan. Unfortunately, I had to move out to another country and that thing "move" my life in completely different way. So, that's why I start to do this portrait. I just wanted to bring back the time, even for 3-4 hours.

неделя, 8 май 2011 г.

"Book For Already Grown Children" in steps

I've started creation on my new own project. It's my new illustration book called " Book For Already Grown Children " ( I am not really sure that this will be the real name ) We will see. The main idea is to show to the audience the things ( problems of the life ), about which I ( not just me ) really care... like Love , Information , Friendship , Imagination, Different worlds and so on. I hope, that this project will become something serious and at the same time funny. This book will be my way to try help people smile on serious questions as " Where I can be completely free ? " or " What is a Dreaming about ? " ... or " Are the pigs really pink ? " ;-D ... Now I am going to post some of my new illustrations from my new project. I hope you will enjoy them. So, have fun and wait for my new posts.

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неделя, 20 март 2011 г.

Book Illustration Projects

These are my new illustration projects.I took decision to illustrate one of my favorite books – “Sentenced Souls”  by Dimitar Dimov ( I am not absolutely sure , that this is the correct  translation in English ). It’s about an unconditional love between two completely different people. The man is monarch who will never give up of his faith and a woman. She is rich and beautiful.  This is the love in which I truly believe.  The story is absolutely serious, it’s not this kind of sugar love stories. That’s why I chose to work on this book. Hope you will like it.