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сряда, 9 ноември 2011 г.

" Dirty Job "

This digital painting is based on a true story. 

The idea came  long time ago, but now is the right  time to become live. 

The place where I am working is a  packhouse. Actually, I'm in this industry for about five years and I am doing it because I need money for livin'. Unfortunately, this is not what I really want, but  someone will say - " That's life "... Isn't it funny?

I have always been drawing, painting in my life ... doing my art, expressing myself, explaining life  the way I see it and understand it. And this is what I've always wanted to do... to be in creative atmosphere ... other world...

With this picture I just wanted to explain how I feel. How painful is this for me to work in a place which is not "suitable" for me. Place which is making me feel I'm almost "dead"... 

This is it...

That's life.