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неделя, 8 май 2011 г.

"Book For Already Grown Children" in steps

I've started creation on my new own project. It's my new illustration book called " Book For Already Grown Children " ( I am not really sure that this will be the real name ) We will see. The main idea is to show to the audience the things ( problems of the life ), about which I ( not just me ) really care... like Love , Information , Friendship , Imagination, Different worlds and so on. I hope, that this project will become something serious and at the same time funny. This book will be my way to try help people smile on serious questions as " Where I can be completely free ? " or " What is a Dreaming about ? " ... or " Are the pigs really pink ? " ;-D ... Now I am going to post some of my new illustrations from my new project. I hope you will enjoy them. So, have fun and wait for my new posts.

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