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вторник, 14 февруари 2012 г.

петък, 10 февруари 2012 г.

Bulgarian Politicians as Animals

The main reason to start doing these portraits as Bulgarian citizen was to show my "opinion" about "our" politicians in now time... The same who I am watching every single night on the Tv News. Yes, you would say that this is everywhere and this is normal to watch them all the time, but ... I don't think so, people. "Ours " - They don't care about anything, but they " CAN " speak for everything. How it's possible? Excuse me but this is ridicules. They made my country to look as a "fool" in front of  Europe and I don't like it. They made Bulgaria to look like  Country of corruption, country of no trust... and sorry, but I am not happy with that.

Most of the people of my country ( and I ) does not have any respect about these people who are "over" us. When people are going out for protests they  are ( usually ) screaming instead  their real names ( of our politicians ) - names of animals and after few hours police will "ask" us to go home ... using their own way to send us at home. And believe me, police way works always :-) Isn't it funny?.

Huge part of our politicians are part of the Mafia or some kind of business men who are trying to take more and more money from European Union for personal using like new car, big houses or even Hotels ... Sorry, but I am one or these Bulgarian citizens who think that this is not right and I don't want  these ex-communist to be " The face of Bulgaria ".

( Please, excuse my English language )